All of the products listed below are available for purchase at our office. Call us for more information at 631.289.3939.

Cervical Support Pillows

  • Helps relieve tension, headaches, & neck spasms
  • Supports the head & neck for better sleepin

Foot Levelers Orthotics

  • Custom-made orthotic inserts, shoes, & sandals
  • Provides comfort, premium arch support, pelvic stabilization, & whole-body pain relief

TENs Units 

  • Reduces pain & relaxes muscles

CBD Ointment

  • Reduces pain & relaxes muscles
  • Level 5 (44g) and Level 4 (44g)

Level 4 Pain Relief Ointment — Pine Street Clinic

Sombra Warm Pain Relief Roll-On

  • Pain relief roll-on gel 
  • Great for arthritis and back pain

Sombra Warm Therapy Gel | Integrated Medical | Rehab Supplies

Serola Sacroiliac Support Belt

  • Provides extra support to the SI joint 
  • Helps reduce low back pain, muscle spasms, etc.