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Hi all- I am on day 4 of my biannual Body Detoxification Program and I am feeling great- more energy than ever- sleeping like a baby and enjoying the freshness of daily fruits and veggies only.  It is amazing how changing your diet makes such a difference in your life!  I am in the holistic field and comprehend it in a practical sort of way, but when you see such incredible changes in how you feel just by avoiding some food groups, it is fantastic.   For me- I never considered myself a poor eater to begin with, but with this cleanse it has brought to light that some of my food choices are not the best.  For instance, when we go out to eat, I might choose a healthy entree, but believe me, I don't avoid the bread or the dessert or a couple of glasses of wine!  These choices aren't terrible if it is only once a month- but with my schedule I am eating out pretty often, and the desserts are usually a part of my going out to eat experience!

When eating at home, I like to make soups, veggie soups are great for the cleanse program.  Couliflour soup is one of my favorites-  easy to make, tasty and sooo nutritious!

You make it by starting with a chopped onion and chopped couli.  Saute onions in the saucepan in olive oil until soft.  Add the chopped couli and cover to release the water from the couli. This should take about 7 minutes or so.  You can stir it time to time to keep the onions and couli from burning.  Add water to cover the couli and one can of organic tomato sauce.  Stir, add sea salt and pepper to taste.  Let it cook until the couli is soft- about 45 minutes or so and serve immediately.  When I am not cleansing, I add some pasta and grated cheese which makes it absolutely perfect but while cleansing it is couli straight up!  Yum!

Stay tuned for more recipes...