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Chiropractic Care and The Flu Prevention

The Flu and Chiropractic Care

We are all feeling a bit under siege this year from the flu!    Statistics so far show it to be the worst season since 2015 with multiple hospitalizations and deaths.  Chiropractic care, suprisingly, ,has been studied and shown to decrease your chances of getting the flu. 

A study done by Brennan PHD in 1991 showed that after a spinal adjustment to the thoracic region, there was a respiratory burst of immune modulators:  simply stated it increased our bodies own immune system in improving its ability to kill the nasty germs.

Another study by Neil PHD in 2012 found that chiropractic adjustments helped regulate central anti inflammatory responses by own regulating leukocytes and pro inflammatory cytokines.    This response helped to increase your bodies ability to fight virus, etc.

Avoiding the flu means taking precautions, common sense, wash your hands, avoid processed foods, increase eating of healthy fats, get 8 hours of sleep and get adjusted!  Take supplements recommended by Dr. Fasulo.  We will get through this flu season together.