Patient Testimonials

I was suffering with stomach issues related to consuming eggs and coffee. After only three sessions, my stomach pains were resolved and I am now able to eat eggs and coffee with no problems at all.

- P., 31 year-old female, 2023

After being diagnosed with a bacterial infection, medications were ineffective. Dr. Fasulo recommended natural supplements and certain food choices. I am now infection free.

- D., 56 year-old female, 2023

I saw Dr. Fasulo for a nutritional evaluation after my GI doctor told me I had diverticulitis and wanted to give me prescription medications. Dr. Fasulo gave me a supplement, which helped tremendously.

- L., 60 year-old female, 2023   

I was first introduced to nutritional response testing by Dr. Fasulo to help with my menstrual issues that I’ve had most of my life. I had seen many doctors and tried many OTC supplements that didn’t work. Dr. Fasulo found the root of the problem and supplements that really help. I am so happy and grateful for Dr. Fasulo. She has helped me finally find the relief I needed. It helped that we worked together to find what my body wants and needs.

- C., 43 year-old female, 2023

Joanna is the bets chiropractor I have ever been to.  Her staff is also wonderful.  Joanna takes great interest in her patients and is very kind and considerate.


I've been a patient of Joanna's for over two years now.  She has helped me greatly! I suffer from Tourette's Syndrome and, at one point, suffered from a chronic heachache.  Joanna's natural treatments help decrease the severity of my tics, my headache is gone, and she discovered that I have allergies to corn and gluten!  I'm VERY grateful to her for all of her help!


I've been coming to Fasulo's Chiro for a couple of years.  I get very bad headaches and neck pain due from my job and other problems.  JoAnna will always see me when I don't even have an appointment.  Even on her lunch break!  She is very special to me and a good friend to talk to!

-Lauren B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Fasulo for over 7 years.  I came in with a pinched nerve and followed her guidelines and treatments in order fro me to feel better and great.  I now only continue to feel great.  I come often for adjustments just to visit and no longer have pain.  I refer all my friends and family who also rave about how wonderful she is!  She also changed my husbands life as her resommendation to do the SP Cleanse made him lose 80 lbs.  We are forever thankful to a friend and doctor in our lives like Dr. Fasulo.

-Nikola & Jason Y. 

I started coming to Dr. Fasulo less than a month ago for neck and back pain.  Because I love to exercise and like to be very independent, living with pain is simply not an option.  After only a few sessions I was (and am) feeling better than ever.  Thank you, Fasulo Chiropractic, for helping my body heal so fast!


The best treatment, care, concearn I've ever recieved from any Chiropractor, and they're have been a few.  From Dr. Fasulo to everyone involved in her office-Thanks

Bob S. 

After two sessions with Dr. JoAnna, I feel so much better and my back is more relaxed.  Thank you!

Shirley C. 

My Testimony for Fasulo Chiropractic,

I first started coming to JoAnna, after a really bad car accident.  I was always very active, but the injuries and the pain from the accident left me unable to workout or even do normal things without help from someone.  My primary Dr. at the time wasn't accepting No-Fault insurance and I was turned away.  I wasn't sure if Chiropractice would help me, but it turned out to the best thing that happened to me!  JoAnna has welcomed me and truly changed my life!  After a month of her adjustments, I was able to move again, and got my life back again!  I was involved in another accident about 5 years ago, and JoAnna help me through it all the same as she done before!  She has also helped with another issue that I was having at the time.  I was suffering from very painful periods.  After going to see a few dr's, I was told that it was normal and everything was fine.  The pain was so bad that I was bedridden for days.  After talking to JoAnna about it, she not only believed that my pain was real, she helped me in a way no one else did!  She sent me to a great Obgyn and I found out that I have stage 2 endometriosis.  Thanks to her wonderful adjustments, AK sessions, supplements and NRT session, my pain level has gone down from a 11 to a 3!  Since I do regular cranial session with her , I have fewer migraines and less TMJ Pain.  Her relaxation techniques have also helped me so much with pain and I am sleeping soo much better.  I have been a patient for 12 years, and feel so lucky and blessed to have found her!!  I have such a love and passion for alternative medicine and holistic healing, because it has saved me!!  JoAnna thanks for all you have done and all you still do for me!!

Love Chrissy L. 

I came to Joanna when my leg was so painful and weak that I was falling in the shower and in stores.  Because of her, I am walking today.  I recently came to her with arthritis, fibromyalgia and just feeling stiff, sore and tired all the time.  For the past few days, I feel better than I have in a very long time.  Through Joanna's chiropractic care as well as some supplements and some changes in my diet, I feel like a new woman.  Thank you Joanna!!

Pat C. 2012 

Dear Joanna,

I enjoy running, I have been running since 2005 and I run everything from a 5K run to a full marathon.

I came to your office having sharp pain in my lower back and I was struggling to put socks on and trying my shoes in the morning feeling pain lifting material at work.  While starting my day off by running two to four miles in the morning before work, and I was feeling a little discomfort as well.

I didn't know what to expect, I thought I would have to stop running, but after the first visit I knew, I would be running again without any pain.  I noticed improvements after every visit, during a ten week program, and I am back running in the morning, lifting material at work with no pain, and running races again.

Thank you

Bert 2012

Dear Dr. Fasulo:

To all those who question the benefits of chiropractic welfare, please read:  I had been suffering with severe bouts of nausea for 5-6 months, and I was losing weight.  I felt like I couldn's eat anything but toast.  I dreaded leaving the house for fear that I would become sick and need to run home.  I went to all the traditional doctors, obstetrician gynecologist, gastroenterologist,  PA in general medicing, and a nutritionist.  These doctors took my blood, did a sonogram, changed my diet, and performed a colonoscopy.  After months of being at these doctors mercy, they concluded that I was making this up and it was in my head.  The next step was to see a shrink.   I felt so upset and didn't know where to turn.  I continued to lose weight and suffer from the symptoms.  I came to a point where I started to give up and found myself beginning to fight off depression.  I happen to bump into Dr. Fasulo at a Christmas party.  She had no knowledge of my troubles and commented on my weight loss.  I explained my saga to her in detail, not because I was looking for her to help, but because she was a good ear.  I felt at that point I was beyond help and was just crazy.  She listened and suggested that I come to her office for an evaluation.  Well, I now thought she was crazy.  I couldn't understand what a chiropractor could do to help me with the problems I had.  My knowledge of the world of chiropractors was to get your back cracked for realighnments of the spine.  I was thinking this was a waste of my time and hers, but I was desperate.  My appt was scheduled for the following week.  AFter an evaluation Dr. Fasulo stated that she wanted to try something.  She had small glass vials containing various substances.  She placed a glass vial unopened on my body and tried to determine if I reacted to the different compounds inside them.  I was amazed at how strongly my body responded.  She said that I seem to be reacting to chlorine.  I thanked her and went home.  I felt that the test was wrong.  It was winter and I had not been in a pool since the summer.  That night while I was loading my dishwasher, I was explaining to my husband what Dr. Fasulo ahd said.  I picked up the detergent and began to pour it into the dispenser when I noticed there was a slight smell of chlorine.  I read the box and to my horror one of the first ingredients was chlorine.  I realized that I use my dishwasher 3-4 times per week, and when I eat out at either a restaurant or a friends homes, they generally wash their dishes in adishwasher, and probably use chlorine based dish detergent as well.  The next day I ran to the store and found a dish detergent that was chlorine free.   I used it that night and ever since my symptoms of nausea and weight loss went away within 2 weeks.   I can't tell you how grateful I am to Dr. Fasulo.  She gave me my life back.  Thank you

-Ivy 2012

Dear JoAnna and Staff,

I have been coming to Fasulo Chiropractic for about 10 years and since I walked in the door, I have always walked out feeling amazing.  You can't walk into a medical doctor's office in pain and walk out without it.  You leave with a big bag of meds.  Chiropractic allows our body to heal itself.  I have taken advantage of all of the services offered from the supplements, acupuncture, massage and yoga.  Where else can you go for all your holistic needs? I am grateful for you and your staff for your care, your kindness and your compassion and patientce.  Just to see the overflowing waiting room is proof positive that you get results at Fasulo Chiropractic.  Thank you for all you do and I look forward to another 10 years!

Be well- Julia M 7-25-12

Fasulo Chiropractic!!  

You all are great for my mind and body.  I have been a patient for more than 2 years after a serious debilitating car accident.  the Fasulo crew has helped my recovery leaps and bounds...literally!

Fondly, Jean Marie B. 7-25-12

I have been to chiropractors in the past and I must say that this is the BEST! Holistic very differnt from all others.  Joanna has helped (and still) as I suffer with vertigo (severe). And, I must say JoAnna is the onlhy person that is helping me.  Thanks JoAnna, you are the BEST!

Dawn N. 7-26-12 

"Simply fantastic!  JoAnna's hands are miraculous- she makes the hurt go away and last for days!"  Thank you! 

Rosemary S. 7-26-12

Dear Joanna, you are my hero!! This is the story of "Cyn-Dizzy"... On a lovely spring day in April 2007 I woke to my alarm, sat up and fell on the floor. Unable to even lift my head off the floor, my husband Paul called an ambulance and I was rushed to the hospital. After numerous tests, x-rays and MRI's, I was told that I had vertigo. The doctors tried many different medications to treat me, but nothing worked. I was then referred to my eye doctor and an ENT. After several weeks of tests, no one could figure out the cause. I was then told that physical therapy would teach my to live with this condition. LIVE WITH IT?!? I wanted it to go away. A short time later I was having pain in my neck, so I called you. It had been a while since I had been to your office but you greeted me like I was a long, lost friend. I told you of my troubles with the dizziness and you simply responded that you could fix that. I never doubted you, and after several cranial adjustments I was no longer dizzy!! I could go from laying in my bed to standing without preparing myself first. I could climb the ladders at my one job, and chase after autistic 1st and 2nd graders at my other job. I could get off the couch after watching TV and not stumble, holding the walls to my bedroom!! You fixed me!! I just wanted to let you you know how much I appreciate you!! 

 See you soon, Cyndy 

Dear JoAnna,

I've suffered with the cosmetic effects of scoliosis since I was a teenager and in my 30's I started feeling the physical pain from the disease.  My lower back ached if I stood for any length of time and my one hip hurt constantly.  I was told by an orthopedic specialist the only way to correct my spine was with surgery to fuse my spine with a medal rod. The idea of having a rigid spine, without the guarantee that my pain would go away, or that new pain could arise, left me feeling hopeless for an active life.  I found Dr. Joanna Fasulo while searching for an answer to my pain; she was listed under a site for scoliosis treatment.  She instantly made me feel comfortable and told me she could help me.  I knew very little about chiropractic care and was skeptical.  Yet, after only one visit I felt some relief.  She began a vitamin treatment and continued to adjust my spine.  My right arm that always swayed away from my body suddenly laid flat at my side, my pain was going away, and I actually felt taller!  Of course, the scoliosis is still there, but I am able to live with the imbalance now.  Dr. Joanna saved me from surgery, I truly believe that.  Her treatment for my back was a success, but something else was also happening to me during my treatments.  I began to notice I was no longer suffering from monthly painful periods anymore and I was always the type who had many colds that lingered throughout the winter, now I'm hardly ever sick!!   I am a very strong advocate for chiropractic care for the whole body.  Dr. Joanna is not only a fantastic chiropractor, but a person that truly cares about her patients.  I've been a patient for six years now and I've even entrusted my children to her care and that is probably the greatest compliment I could give her.  I highly recommend her to anyone who might be suffering with scoliosis or anyone who wants to live a healthier life.

Christine B. 

Dear Dr. JoAnna Fasulo- You Are Fabulous!  My life is 360 degrees better than it was 3 months ago when I first came to you.  My back and neck are feeling so much better and along with the kinesiology you performed on me, I am geeling better all around.  I am a new are so knowledgable and compassionate (passionate) about your work!  Thanks you for everything!!  I recommend you to all of Long Island!

Arlene T. 7-24-2012


Dear Dr. Fasulo,

I can bend again !! Thank You!

Nancy B. 7-2012

Dear JoAnna, I just want to thank you. I came to you in October of 2010. I was unable to turn my head to the left or right without quite a bit of pain. I had been in pain for about four to five months and it was getting worse. I was amazed that after only a few visits the pain was reduced and I was able to turn my head with alot less pain. After a few more visits and doing the excersizes that you gave me the pain is almost gone compleatly and I can turn my head in both directions. My wife and daughter both have been patients of yours and the stories that they had told me were amazing. Now I have seen it for myself. I still am amazed at the difference you made and the short time that it took. Thank you again. 

Bob Marks

Dear JoAnna,
    Before coming to your office I had aches and pains all over. I had pains in my back, my hips, my neck, and my shoulders. For years I wasn't able to put my right leg straight without feeling immense pain. Multiple doctors had told me that there was nothing wrong with my leg, when clearly there was. I had serious back pain that I was never able to relieve on my own. Being a young woman, I knew I wasn't supposed to be having this much pain at my age. It wasn't easy to wake up and get out of bed in the morning. It wasn't until one day when I woke up and I couldn't move, that I decided to call you. At my first appointment, you knew where I would have pains before I was even able to tell you. Just from some paperwork that I had filled out, you knew what was wrong. When I had suffered a head injury, doctors never made any type of ordeal out of it. Little did I know that when I hit my head, I did more damage than I knew. After leaving my first appointment, I immediately felt better. I learned much more about my pain than I could ever had imagined. It was the greatest feeling to finally be understood. I went home and told my family how much better I had felt, as I was crying from happiness. It was such a relief to have someone actually listen to me and want to help. Even though I still get some aches here and there, it is nothing compared to how I felt two months ago. I have extreme gratitude towards you for everything. Making the call to your office was one of the smartest things I have ever done. Thank you so much for all of your help.
Danielle Cleary

Dear Dr. Joanna Fasulo,

After only three weeks of treatment at your office I feel like a brand new person. I came in with lower/mid  back pain and some neck pain. I now sleep like a baby and am able to get up from sitting position with very little or no pain. Thank you so much for taking the time and finding out exactly what was going on and even more explaining it all to me.
Yours truly,
Merav Shiloni

Dear Dr. Fasulo,
I would like to thank Dr. Fasulo for getting me back on my feet and moving again.  For several months I was having shortness of breath.  After going for many tests ordered by my Cardiologist: plus trying several new medications, I was being told "everything looked good".  I went to my pulmonologist and had a chest x-ray.  He said my lungs were clear.  Still not feeling any better, I went to see Dr, Fasulo and told her my story.  After only one adjustment, I could feel the pressure come off my chest.  I tell all my family and friends, "Don't be afraid of the Chiropractor".  they do more than "crack your neck & back",  they treat the whole body. Thank you again , Dr. Fasulo & Staff, for the wonderful care you extend to all your patients.
Norene C.
Oct. 2011